1943 Miki Tug
About Galene

Tug GALENE, LT464 is one of 61 originally built for the Department of Transportation (Army)  in 1943 at the Northeast Ship Building Co. in Quincy, Mass.


There were ten tugs built on the East Coast, five in Quincy, Mass. and five in Minnifords Yacht Yard, City Island, N.Y.  Out of the 61 tugs built on the east and west coast only four are still operational. 


We found GALENE on Craig’s List in Portland, Oregon drove down on Labor Day weekend 2007 to look at her and purchased her November 2007.  We worked on her one year and nine months to make her ready for the trip to Seattle.


With the help of friends and family we managed to repair, replaced or rebuild almost everything we touched.  We worked on planks in the hull to cleaning fuel tanks to get the main engine and generators running.


After three Sea Trials we were ready to bring her back to Seattle.  On August 29th at 7am we were under way down river to Astoria, OR. Departing Astoria the wind and sea conditions were 10 to 12ft swells with a 4-5ft wind chop, quartering sea rolling us 30 to 35 degrees.


About 30 miles off shore 75 miles northwest we lost 20 rpm.  We went from 210 rpm @ 10 kts to 110 rpm at 5kts for the rest of the trip.  Arriving off Cape Flattery the next morning the seas were calm and there was fog all the way to Seattle. Filters plugged up in the Straights of Juan de Fuca, causing the main engine to stop we had to make temporary fuel line changes from the day tank to the main.  We had only 10 minutes to do our repairs and get underway.  Fuel filters had to be changed.


Arrived in Seattle on Monday, August 31st at 7am we moored at Fisherman’s Terminal as the Ballard Bridge was closed for rush hour traffic making us underway 48 hours.  We moved to our slip after the bridge opened.  The next day we made repairs to #2 cylinder. 


On Thursday, September 4th we were underway to Tacoma and moored overnight on our way to Olympia.


On Friday we set out to go to l Percival Landing in Olympia for Harbor Days, the Annual Vintage Tugboat Races.


On Saturday, we hosted an open boat tour for people to see the boat rooms and the engine area.  We got ready for the races on Sunday.  We raced against the Judy M with her 1500hp to our 1200hp we placed second.


These races were something we have been trying to do for a long time.   Returning to Seattle we now are secured in our slip for the winter in Lake Union. 

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